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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Course

The Six Sigma Yellow Belt training course covers a few of the basic improvement procedures and their necessary metrics. In the case of many organizations, the person who has a Yellow Belt certification is also an SME or “subject matter expert”. He or she can become a central team member on an individual project or multiple projects.

The Six Sigma Yellow Belt training program allows employees to possess a more profound understanding of process improvement via process management introduction. Participants in this course also become familiar with the fundamental tools associated with Six Sigma. The goal of the Yellow Belt training is to give participants the necessary tools required in order to become a valuable player within a company’s larger goals and objectives.


  • Professionals in Internal Audit function
  • Professionals in Accounting functions
  • Professionals in Finance and Planning functions
  • Professionals in HR functions
  • Professionals in Logistics & Procurement functions
  • Professionals in Engineering & Maintenance functions
  • Professionals in Sales & Marketing functions


  • Learn practical six sigma tools to apply in service and operations functions alike
  • See how six sigma tools can be useful in a manufacturing as well as a service function scenario
  • Get an opportunity to solve one of YOUR burning problems LIVE during the course using six sigma tools
  • Practically use the tools to see how they work in local environment instead of just listening about the global success stories
  • Complete all exercises and case studies along with an interactive GAME and become a certified SIX SIGMA YELLOW BELT


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