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Organizational restructuring is the “change” in the operational or management strategy of the organization to ensure that strategic objectives are achieved. This generally includes increase or decrease in the number of management positions of the organization (i.e. outsourcing or right sizing etc.) or a shift in the operations of the organization keeping in consideration the market trends and competition.  Making the restructuring successful first requires that an appropriate structure is developed that best meets the strategic objectives of the organization and second, that change is managed properly.

Following are some ways we have helped companies achieve organizational restructuring successfully:

  • Restructuring and reorganization of the Finance function was carried out in a trading company to ensure clear accountabilities and responsibilities.  This not only improved the service level of the finance department but also helped in boosting the morale of the finance team.
  • Significant savings for an FMCG company were achieved by reducing the manpower of the Accounting & Taxation department from 65 to 40 in less than two years.  This was achieved by incorporating system efficiencies and synergies, despite increase in overall workload and improved work performance.
  • Position titles and levels were re-structured in a FMCG company to better align them within the organization according to the job expectations as well as with the external market conditions within the industry.