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Taking you to New heights

if you always do what you always did,
you will always get what you always got

It is common practice to continue to follow the procedures that have always been done in a particular way in the past.  Times change fast and continuous improvement is a necessity in today’s competitive environment to stay ahead.  We help you in achieving this and reach new heights by re-engineering the existing procedures to make them more efficient and effective.  We add value by helping you align those business processes with the industry best practices and improve efficiencies using automation techniques.

If you just automate what you currently do,
you will make the same mistakes faster.

There have been many cases where heavy investments were made in IT and in implementing computerized applications as a business process re-engineering initiative, only to realize later that the performance has gone down instead of improving. This happens when automation is done without first re-engineering the processes to make them more efficient.

Business process re-engineering can do wonders for your business. Automation in work procedures can reduce time cycles and relieve stress on your employees giving them more time to focus on your business’ core tasks.

Following are some ways companies have benefited from our services:

  • Six Sigma tools were utilized to re-engineer the ordering practices of a materials warehouse in a large manufacturing plant.  This was done by establishing clear guidelines for Re Order Points (ROP) taking into account the minimum order quantity, critical usage requirement and historical usage patterns.  On one hand it saved the company millions in unnecessary ordering and on the other hand it ensured that all critical spares were ordered in a way which significantly reduced instances of stock-outs to less than 2.5% in the first year alone.  In the second year, they were reduced to less than 1%.
  • Excel and visual basic based automation techniques were used to streamline the data entry for financial reporting and preparation of schedules and tables for Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports for clients of a regional CPA firm.  This made the process faster and less prone to errors.
  • Books closing activities in a large FMCG listed company in a SAP environment were streamlined and automated such that all activities were completed in 5 days.  The company became the first to announce their annual financial results on the stock exchange and received 2nd position in the Best Corporate Report Award.
  • Bank reconciliation procedures were re-engineered in a large rice manufacturing and trading company along with changes in accountability structure to make the process efficient and transparent.  Before re-engineering, there were more than 5,000 pending items in the bank reconciliations which were reduced to less than 1,000 within 6 months.