you are what you practice most

Efficient employees make a business successful.  To make your employees efficient, you need to ensure that all your employees consistently follow your business’s “recipe for success”.  A repetitive process can only be done successfully in a sustained manner over longer periods of time if it is properly documented in an effective manner. Graphical representations, screen shots, flow-chart and step by step guides are only some of the techniques that we use to make the documentation more effective and user friendly.  We also add value by providing our insights from industry best practices and relevant standards (Integrated Management Systems, ISO etc).

Following are some examples how we have helped large organizations around the world:

  • To help a FMCG company achieve its aggressive growth strategies, it was felt necessary to align the entire marketing team on a common plat form so that they can work together seamlessly.  All activities were systematically documented with complete escalation protocols and exception handling procedures.  The documentation was organized in a logical flow which was easy to understand and follow.
  • A comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Working Instructions document was prepared for a Materials Warehouse department of a large fertilizer manufacturer incorporating the required safety guidelines as per DuPont systems. Relevant personnel along with one backup personnel were trained on following those SOPs.  This not only provided continuity during times of absence of main personnel (due to annual leaves or emergency leaves) but also allowed for faster transition times due to internal transfers.
  • Comprehensive working paper templates were prepared to help the staff of a regional CPA firm implement GASB 34 for more than 50 clients.  The documentation included templates to convert modified accrual basis financial information to full accrual basis. The staff was also provided training on using the templates.

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