Financial Planning, Forecasting and Budgeting

Financial Planning, Forecasting and Budgeting

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Today, the human mind is often absorbed in so much data that it has difficulty processing the multitude of facts and relationships simultaneously and sometimes forgets important elements. Thus, as plans become more and more intricate, they should be documented in writing and include qualitative narratives of goals, objectives, and means of accomplishing the objectives.

This course will allow the participant to explore and share with other participants new thoughts in the planning, control, and budgeting cycle, resulting in a renewed energy in returning to the workplace and implementing a more focused budgeting process, which communicates useful and timely information to management.

financial planning, forecasting and budgeting



• Managers in Finance Department
• Managers in Budget Department
• Accounting Managers
• Personnel in Planning roles


1. Contribute effectively to the budgeting and forecasting of future plans of your department as well as the organization

2. Learn the budget planning processes, preparation, review control and modern day tools for budgeting and variance analysis

3. Discover and leverage on the different types of budgeting techniques that can be used in organizations

4. Insights into defining the “uncertainties” that affect companies’ ability to produce accurate budgets, and quantify this with stress-testing, what-if and scenario analysis techniques

5. Understand how to build budgets for the “real world”, allowing for flexibility and future change

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